Concord United Methodist Church will


Reach out to our city and welcome all who seek God

Be a place where lives are changed by prayer, Bible study, and worship

Offer ministries that benefit others

Help people to discover the gifts God has given them, and to use those gifts to serve God and others

Offer Christian fun and fellowship to everyone


Our Mission


To Seek God, to serve the community, and to support each other.





The mission of CUMC’s Staff Parish Relations Committee shall be to conduct and protect personnel and payroll related administrative interests of Concord UMC in a fair, equitable and legal manner, and in accordance with the Book of Discipline’s Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee guidelines, to the best of its ability.



Staff Parish members will hold Concord UMC’s interests, needs, financial well-being, and mission above all individual employees’ interests.  Trust, fairness and confidentiality are paramount.


It is critical that each and every member of Staff Parish ask questions, and voice their individual opinions and thoughts freely on any issue addressed by Staff Parish.  It is the diversity of individual members that will ensure a thorough and complete discussion before matters of importance affecting any and all employees are decided, leading to decisions being made in a fair and equitable manner.


Staff Parish membership and liaison assignments allow for discussion of confidential matters on a “need to know” basis with individual employees, CUMC’s Treasurer, and designated “public knowledge” information shared with Finance and Ad Council Committees as required.


Other than those exceptions noted above, all matters discussed within SPRC are deemed to be confidential, and shall remain so even beyond completion of a member’s appointment.