Dear Members and Friends of CUMC, It's been a joy to see how many of you are participating in our Sunday services through Facebook and YouTube. It's hard to believe that we are coming upon the first Sunday in May. We will have another Love Feast this Sunday, so be prepared with the food and drink you want to use for it. The Order of Worship, Hymns and Scripture are below for you to print out and follow along. Please continue to send in prayer requests by 10 AM Saturday Morning, especially any first responders/essential workers you know of who are on the front lines. Please invite your friends to join you in a watch party at each of these services. Some notes on future Services: May 24—Recognizing our High School and College graduates –Again, please send in information about your graduate and if you can send a picture, that would be great! May 31—Memorial Day--Recognizing our Military and the Heroes of this time of national and global pandemic–Another chance to send in appropriate pictures.



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Due to COVID-19, we will not be meeting at our church building. Our church cares for your safety first. We pray for you to stay home. We do not want to be carriers of virus to anybody, and that is the reason why we will not meet at church. The good news is that our on-line church is wide open!

Join us on-line. Please visit our FaceBook page: Concord United Methodist Church in California

And on YouTube: Concord United Methodist Church, Concord CA

See you on-line, where we can meet without worrying about any harm.


Pastor Lee, your Pastor

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"We come to church because a church is a new community where we can find God's love through other people. At church, we want to make sure that people have Biblical Value, Identity, and Purpose so that they can be VIP of God's Kingdom. The best way to have biblical VIP is nurturing in small groups where people can find Welcome, Worship, Word, and Work (4 W) in a safe, confidential environment." Pastor Sungho Lee Small Group Ministry We want to make disciples of Jesus through small groups. Welcome The Sign Guy


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